Cobernus Families
Tonawanda N.Y

Descendants of Christian Kobernuss
Bolz, Mecklenburg

Descendants emigrated to the US in 1863 and settled in Tonawanda/Grand Island NY.

Listed below is an Kinship tree of the Kobernuss (now Cobernus) family that settled in Tonawanda and Grand Island New York in 1863. We don't know much about this family other than some descendants still live in New York state. If you want to see the family tree we have send us an e-mail.

Last  First  Relationship to Christian Kobernus
Cobernus  Carl  Grandson
Cobernus  Carl G.  Great-grandson
Cobernus  Carlton R.  2nd great-grandson
Cobernus  Frederich Daniel  Son
Cobernus  John  3rd great-grandson
Cobernus  Linda  3rd great-granddaughter
Cobernus  Scott  4th great-grandson
Cobernus  Thomas  3rd great-grandson
Cobernuss  Bertha Carolina  Great-granddaughter
Cobernuss  Christian  Son
Cobernuss  Dora  Great-granddaughter
Cobernuss  Rosetta  Great-granddaughter
Cobernuss  Theodore W.  Grandson
Cobernuss  Wendy  4th great-granddaughter
Gatke  Clara K.  Wife of the great-grandson
Gruephan  Fredericka (Krista) G.  Wife of the grandson
Hardy  Henry C.  Husband of the great-granddaughter
Hardy  Mary  2nd great-granddaughter
Henrica  Daughter-in-law
Holling  Son-in-law
Janet  Wife of the 3rd great-grandson
Klingenberg  Son-in-law
Kobernuss  Maria  Daughter
Kobernuss  Maria Sophia NMN  Wife
Kobernuss  Wilhelmina  Daughter
Kohl  Betty E.  Wife of the 2nd great-grandson
Lorraine  Wife of the 3rd great-grandson
Ludke  Henry  Son-in-law
Ludke  Mary  Granddaughter
Ludke  William  Grandson
Minor  Sheree  Wife of the 4th great-grandson
Newell  Christian  5th great-grandson
Newell  Robert James  Husband of 4th great-granddaughter
Sansone  Kathryn  4th great-granddaughter
Sansone  Martin  Husband of 3rd great-granddaughter
Sansone  Michael  4th great-grandson
Voetsch  Edward  Husband of the great-granddaughter
Wilhelmina  Daughter-in-law